Heredao, Cosío y Pimpiao
workshop for garments re-utilization 
and exhibition of students final work  
at Cultural Center of Spain, Santo Domingo, 2010
photography by Anabelle Pérez

Art Direction for OXFAM
the international NGO Intermon Oxfam
invited me to participate in their hurricane season
project where I was asked to  re-create a scale
dominican house that looks affected by a hurricane.
This project was part of their political incidence campaign  for 2010

Casi mío / Almost mine
april 25, 2009
Duarte Park, Santo Domingo
photography by Antonio Juarez

Macrointimidad / Macrointimacy 
first solo exhibition
Cultural Center of Spain 2009 
photography by Zoilo Pimentel

Mangú - Orula
Performance for the opening of the 
Merida International Dance Festival 2006
Costumes by Patricia Grassals